Press release – 17 November 2022

“Cambodia wins 5th best rice title, while market achievement award goes to dr. Ho Quang Cua, “father” of Vietnam’s ST25 rice variety

“Cambodia wins 5th “The Rice Trader World’s Best Rice” title in 2022, while “The Rice Trader - Lifetime Achievement Award” Goes to Mr. Ho Quang Cua of Vietnam for his lifetime contributions to developing new rice varieties in Vietnam

The 14th The Rice Trader – World Rice Conference 2022, returned with what many described as a “normal” event that was entirely in person with no online option for attendees. This was well received by the global rice trade, with some 675 delegates in attendance from 32 countries forming the base for an event that highlighted the global rice trade, with the 2022 event built around the theme of “Rice and Risks – War, Weather, Currency market challenges in feeding the world” which highlighted a year featuring Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in Feb 2022, India’s ban on broken rice exports in Sep 2022 and a year filled with news of droughts in California, Europe and China, while we also saw floods in Pakistan to accentuate the weather impact on global food markets. While the world was recovering from two years of pandemic related impact, the 2022 year saw recessionary concerns, political and economic uncertainties wreak havoc on financial markets, to show inflation and a weaker purchasing power affecting consumers. Despite the challenging situation, the global rice market pushed on with efforts to maintain a strong supply in challenging conditions that included rising costs for inputs and energy, while India remained the “hero” of the rice market with a whopping 42% share of global rice exports.

Led by organizers and principal hosts The Rice Trader, the event was also supported by the Ministry of Commerce, Kingdom of Thailand, and the Thai Rice Exporters Association, the apex body for Thai rice exporters. A record lit of sponsors also showcased Silver sponsors – Shree Agro, Gao Ong Cua – ST25 Rice, MSC, and Intertek, Bronze Sponsors – Balaji, Buhler and Swiss Singapore Overseas, Welcome Reception Sponsors – Vinafood 2, Kigimex and DSM,  Luncheon sponsors – Thai Rice Exporters Association, Vinafood 1 and Orico, Conference folder sponsor – Filhet Allard Maritime, Lanyard Sponsor – Cotecna,  Notepad sponsor – International Martime Fumigation Organization (IMFO), Coffee Break Sponsor – RBB Ship Chartering, Associate Sponsor – Adroit, and exhibitors from Bureau Veritas, Olam Agri, Absortech, Phuoc Loc Thinh, SGS, Induss, Tanasan Rice, Tan Long Group, AgriSea Group, Pajson Shipping Services, Control Union, Kett, Studio Appiani, KLA, Medifoods, Vua Gao, TCIS, Dry Bag, IDP Lao, Clariant, Toumi Group, and CLRK for the event’s largest exhibition, as the combined attendance and event support helped maintain the event’ reputation as the world’s most established global rice trade gathering. The event climaxed late Thursday morning (Thai time) with the announcement of the much-anticipated TRT World’s Best Rice 2022 award, as well as the annual recognition for TRT Lifetime Achievement 2022 award.

Conference Chairman, Jeremy Zwinger, President, and CEO of the leading rice market news and analysis company, The Rice Trader, delivered the awards. It was an interesting competition in 2022, featuring some 30 samples from 8 countries, and saw top-4 revealed to come from hosts Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Lao, with Cambodia’s Phka Rumduol (Ankor Malys) winning the 2022 title for what is Cambodia’s 5th World’s Best Rice award in 14 years of competitions. Chef Paul Schroeder, who once again led the judging panel describe it as a winner, which inched ahead of Thailand, with what Chef Paul described as a fragrance that delighted the chef panel this year.

The conference awards ceremony is also known for recognizing personalities from the global rice industry who have contributed significantly to the industry. This year’s recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award was Mr. Ho Quang Cua who is often referred to as the “Father” of Vietnam’s ST 25 rice variety and was presented with the award in recognition of his tireless commitment to rice research and contributions toward the dynamism that is reflected in the way Vietnam has built a strong fragrant rice export base over the last.

The 14th The Rice Trader World Rice Conference was a firm return to “normal” after two pandemic years which saw the event online and then return as a hybrid event in 2021, with the 2022 event providing a strong platform for the global rice trade to gather in Phuket for three days of intelligence gathering, networking and in some cases some fun in Phuket’s idyllic setting. The event emphasizes the global rice trade, with a strong reputation for bringing leaders from the rice industry and 2022 event was a fine example with a record attendance, record support and even record participation at the Best Rice Competition.

The organizers would like to thank every participant and our select group of sponsors listed below for their invaluable support which allowed this record event to take place:

The History of World’s Best Rice is also showcased below

For the record, past winner of the TRT World’s Best Rice include:

2022 Winner: Cambodia Jasmine (PHKA RUMDUOL (ANKOR MALYS))

2021 Winner: Thai Hom Mali

2020 Winner: Thai Hom Mali

2019 Winner: Viet ST25

2018 Winner: Cambodia Jasmine

2017 Winner: Thai Hom Mali

2016 Winner: Thai Hom Mali.

2015 Winner: U.S. Calrose.

2014 Joint Winners: Thai Hom Mali and Cambodia Jasmine.

2013 Joint Winners: Cambodia Jasmine – Cambodia and California Calrose – U.S.

2012 Winner: Cambodia Jasmine - Cambodia

2011 Winner: Paw Son Rice - Myanmar

2010 Winner: Thai Jasmine Rice

2009 Winners: Thai Jasmine Rice

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